Do what makes you feel good

The wondrous world wide web is saturated with articles, YouTube videos and Facebook posts that show us how to live a fit lifestyle. It can be overwhelming to integrate these practices on our own, yet we feel the competitive urgency to also be as fit, toned and glowing as the media illustrates and promises us from these – often extreme – workouts.

clem-onojeghuo-120372-h400Perhaps your colleague goes to bootcamp three times a week, your best friend does Power Yoga, the neighbours go for a daily run, and your employer might even subsidise a gym membership. 
We feel compelled to join the latest fitness hype, because if everyone does it, it must be good for me, too. We tend to forget that our bodies are unique and all wired differently. One person’s capacity to be physically pushed to the max completely differs to another’s. Some people are born to become Athletes, while others simply do not require or tolerate such physical strain. Although a healthy dose of movement is necessary for all of us, the importance is to find an exercise or wellbeing practice that works for you and feels good to you.
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Darkness versus Light

Everyone processes unhealthy emotions differently; some people dwell longer than others. But everyone can learn to train their mind in shifting from the negative to the positive experience. Our darkest days and lowest energy moments are often the biggest catalyst for change and transformation.

Anger has always been my main trigger although over time and through my practice its occurrence has decreased and it has become easier to not be so consumed by it. When anger hits, it’s a fiery energy sizzling deep within and then suddenly rising within my being asking for it to be released. The point of release is crucial because when we swallow this emotion it is stored in our body and slowly eats away at us, potentially bringing us physical disharmony until we are willing to look at it again. A quote by Mary Burmeister resonates deeply here: 

“Anger is a destructive force, which separates the body from the soul.”

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