We live in a world where property, cars, social status and income are valued more than the wellbeing of our soul, our personal fulfillment and that of our planet. This desire of attachment continues to increase but we are still unhappy. At some stage we have to realize that no object can bring us health and happiness. Instead of being mindful, our minds are full; we are unable to process any information beyond our day-to-day routine. We are so consumed by what’s happening outside of us that we forget to acknowledge what’s going on inside. Stress and anxiety seem to be the norm and yet we still can’t find the way back to ourselves, our centre. But isn’t there more to this life than work and worldly pleasures?

I have been on a soul seeking journey from a young age, because in my gut I always knew there was more to life than meets the eye. A few (valuable) detours in both the hospitality industry and the business world as a Personal Assistant have led me to now guide people towards living a life of fullness through my business Naamasté.

In this age, connection is a funny thing. We are constantly glued to our phones and are able to connect with people from all parts of the globe within seconds. Sadly, most people have lost the intrinsic connection to themselves. “Are you in a relationship?” is a question I get asked often. The answer is: Yes, with myself.
Higher Dating is the continuous journey to mySelf, because if I don’t know myself, how can I truly be in communion with others? The best way to become successful in any part of life is to get to know yourself first.

Through this platform I wish to share my thoughts, experiences and inspirations about how ancient wisdom traditions can be made practical and applied at any stage of life. These reflections are intended for anyone with the desire for an authentic, graceful and purposeful life, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or belief system, because the language of the soul transcends all preconceptions, barriers and boundaries. Discover how you can connect higher in the midst of the digital age, so you may be at ease with yourself, in this moment, where you are right now.

May this blog serve you. I always love to hear from you!



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