Do what makes you feel good

The wondrous world wide web is saturated with articles, YouTube videos and Facebook posts that show us how to live a fit lifestyle. It can be overwhelming to integrate these practices on our own, yet we feel the competitive urgency to also be as fit, toned and glowing as the media illustrates and promises us from these – often extreme – workouts.

clem-onojeghuo-120372-h400Perhaps your colleague goes to bootcamp three times a week, your best friend does Power Yoga, the neighbours go for a daily run, and your employer might even subsidise a gym membership. 
We feel compelled to join the latest fitness hype, because if everyone does it, it must be good for me, too. We tend to forget that our bodies are unique and all wired differently. One person’s capacity to be physically pushed to the max completely differs to another’s. Some people are born to become Athletes, while others simply do not require or tolerate such physical strain. Although a healthy dose of movement is necessary for all of us, the importance is to find an exercise or wellbeing practice that works for you and feels good to you.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed and while we may not always be in control of our circumstances, the activities we practice by choice should be enjoyed. Most people claim that there is just not enough time in the day to integrate more subtle rituals such as spending time in silence, nature or meditation that induce inner clarity, order and space. But what’s the point in spending a good hour of your day exercising without joy?  


Our body receives nourishment when it is in the least state of resistance. This is why mental and physical equilibrium occurs when the body is slowing down and reconnected to pure consciousness. 

In this calm state of being, the body begins to repair and heal itself.
You could be following the most promising fitness regime, but if you dread going to Crossfit every day, you will not be benefiting from your effort at all.

This is because efforting or “trying to” be good at something causes your body to pre-tense as it is striving to achieve something that is not in harmony with its natural state, which eventually challenges your health as it weakens vital body function energies.

Over-exercising is just an example; this really applies to anything in life you are feeling resistance towards, perhaps your work or social gatherings. The anxiety or worry that is spent in the dreadful anticipation of a certain event costs you far more than you may realize: peace of mind, less presence in your work, activities or for your loved ones, decreased energy levels and eventually the physical disharmonies that arise from the over-internalization of these emotions.

Do your-higher-self a favour and engage in activities that excite you and make you feel great, all the time. Forget about the craze and needing to keep up with your friends or colleagues. You are unique, so invest time in seeking practices that bring out your uniqueness! When you feel 100% in alignment when you perform a particular activity – go for it and you will be supported. One way or another, your internal guidance system will reveal to you what works for YOU. Are you listening to what it is telling you?

Author: Julia Gundermann

I am a holistic health practitioner based in Auckland, New Zealand. Through my Higher Dating blog I am inviting everyone on my personal journey to my Higher Self, embracing a life filled with authenticity, purpose and joy. May these reflections inspire you to also seek higher.

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