The Voice Within

Intuition is an inner knowing that comes from a higher Source. It’s a gut feeling that arises instantaneously when faced with a particular question or situation. Your head may be saying one thing, but deep down you know to go the other way. Everyone has experienced some version of this, for example taking a different route back home, deciding on the right candidate to employ, or even when meeting a life partner.

Intuitive intelligence is inherent in everyone, but it can be cultivated and strengthened so that we may gain access to these truthful insights at any moment. When we are connected to our authentic self, we are navigating life from that place of inner knowing. 


Imagine what life would be like if you could trust that you will always be given the answer that is right and perfect for your soul? The key is to silence the mind that is influenced by our own personal will, which unfortunately cannot live in harmony with heart-centered decision making. When the mind is quiet(er) we are able to hear the soft whisper of our soul. 

I remember when I was desperate to find work that would provide some financial stability while still pursuing my calling as a holistic health practitioner. 

My lower self (ego) dreaded to even think about this situation. I felt disappointed that my business was not at a flourishing stage. Truthfully, I felt embarrassed to show the community that my business was not thriving yet. I knew I needed extra work, but I had no idea where to begin to look.

One day I was at my local bakery buying bread. All of a sudden, completely out of nowhere I heard my(higher)self ask “Are you looking for staff at the moment?”
The lady serving me knew me well as a regular customer and got the manager to come meet me. We sat down and the first thing he said was “timing is everything”. My whole body relaxed instantly, I felt at ease and I knew that I was at the right place, at the right time. Only a few weeks before, I wrote a newsletter to my clients with the very same subject line “timing is everything”! This synchronicity was a heavenly sign that all was going to be well.

I came out of the shop completely astonished, I couldn’t really grasp what had just happened. The entire interaction truly felt like I was steered by the Universe and someone else did the talking. My mother who was waiting in the car could see my bewilderment. It took a little while to adjust and let these news sink in. I still am incredibly grateful and in awe of the effortless reality that unfolded before me without any of my doing.

Author: Julia Gundermann

I am a holistic health practitioner based in Auckland, New Zealand. Through my Higher Dating blog I am inviting everyone on my personal journey to my Higher Self, embracing a life filled with authenticity, purpose and joy. May these reflections inspire you to also seek higher.

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