I feel most compassionate when I am working. When I am with my clients I automatically take myself out of the equation. I know that I am only there to see, listen and honour the person sitting in front of me. People could act in the worst behaviour and I would still smile and understand. When I work I am the most clear I have ever been. It seems easy for me to let go and let Source Energy take over for I know I am “not doing” anything. I am merely the vessel for healing energy to flow through. But why can it be so difficult to be compassionate all the time? It would save all of us so much energy if we accepted ourselves and our companions here on Earth just the way they are. We would stop comparing, competing and complaining and would experience unlimited joy.

From my own experience I know that through consistent self-study and meditation over the years my level of compassion has certainly increased, but I still catch myself more often than I would like judging a person or a situation. The funny part is that it doesn’t serve me or anyone else. So why do we do it? To feel superior to others? To live in the illusion that we have ‘figured it out’? What’s there to figure out anyway? Why does my mind even produce hurtful thoughts?

It is in my heart to make a stop to the dark arising thoughts that separate me from my core essence which is love and freedom. I know that in each moment we do have a choice of how to think, feel, speak, act and behave. Can I let go of my lower self (ego) that thrives on negativity and separation in order to live a life of complete harmony?

I have been experimenting with a short prayer practice in the (very) early morning before I go to work. I recite positive affirmations for my colleagues and my family. At first I was not amused that I was recommended to let go of 10 minutes of my precious sleep in order to wish people wellness who are completely unaware of this. Yet I quickly began to embrace the power of these words when I noticed the enormous difference it made in my daily life and interactions with my colleagues.
Our work together began to flow effortlessly. Some workmates that I never really got along with began to open up more. We had more fun together and the triggers of frustration began to dissolve. I was even invited to spend time outside of work! I know that this radical transformation can only be attributed to the consistent discipline of reciting words of wisdom in the early hours of the morning. It is the trust I have developed in the unseen realms that strengthens me. When I began planting the seed of these words I didn’t know that they could possibly bear fruit. Every morning I simply sit in my bed and repeat them and then I forget about it; by letting go I drop any expectations of outcome. This practice frees me from the seemingly endless chain of presumptions and judgment lurking in my subconscious mind. I know that in order to develop harmonious relationships with others I need to begin to clean up my side of the street first. I have no right to complain if I am not willing to do the work myself. Practice helps and this can take many forms, meditation has been my anchor.

This simple ritual continues to reveal to me the limitless potential for all beings to feel safe, loved and whole. Where can you start to bring more harmony to your surroundings? Where can you make changes in your routine in order to serve those that you disagree with the most?

Author: Julia Gundermann

I am a holistic health practitioner based in Auckland, New Zealand. Through my Higher Dating blog I am inviting everyone on my personal journey to my Higher Self, embracing a life filled with authenticity, purpose and joy. May these reflections inspire you to also seek higher.

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